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Business Description

Pet Care industry in the U.S. is valued at $70 billion & growing!

We offer locally owned and operated in-home pet care. Our focus is on exceptional service and reliable care.
Our services include:Daily Private Dog Walking
Daily Pet Sitting for dogs, cats, birds, gerbils and more!
Overnight Care
Puppy Care
Pet Transport
Pet Medical Administration - Pill Administration, Injections, Subcutaneous Shots and Fluids


* Home-based – no office necessary
* Ownership Options: Owner-Operator (full-time), Semi-Absentee (manage the manager), or Franchisee Investor (Absentee)
* Excellent multi-functional Operational Tools which assist in supporting the Franchisee
-Mobile Application
-Sales and Marketing Center (Call Center)
* Strong Reoccurring Income
* Few Employees - they love their work
* Amazon Proof
* Primary customers are working people that need someone to check in on their pets during the work day or people that need a sitting service for a vacation they are taking
* Customers are matched with a primary sitter and a backup sitter
* Business is a fast start up – it takes about a month to get into and start operations

Why Pet Care?

* The Pet Care industry in the U.S. is valued at $70 billion and is still growing
* 85 million out of 127 million homes in the U.S. own a pet
* Low cost with Strong Returns


Garland, TX, USA
Annual Revenues
Annual Cashflow
Year Established
July 3, 2023
Number of Employees
Home Based

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