DAE GEE Korean BBQ Franchise Opportunities and Information

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DAE GEE Korean BBQKorean dinner is all about communal living. When sharing sides and expertly seasoned beef off the grill, you tend to rub elbows with your neighbor. Working for the health of your community plays a key role in attracting new collaborators, new customers, building brand loyalty, and ultimately changing the world. Being charitable is built into the DAE GEE concept. Sharing knowledge and bringing visibility to the causes we support, (like Korean Heritage Camp and Project Angel Heart) highlights our greater purpose. At every DAE GEE restaurant, our culture involves sharing with everyone. Nobody is left out.

DAE GEE, which means 'pig' in Korean, is a Korean BBQ restaurant constituted in providing the freshest and dynamic food available. We also believe in the progressive thoughtfulness in being able to educate about Korean food. DAE GEE is the integration of food, the arts and experience.

At DAE GEE we are proud to bring Korean Flavors to the world and share a little bit of our heritage which is rooted in principled values with family being at the center of everything we do.

Our love for Korean flavors and heritage is the foundation for why DAE GEE exists. Take pride in every meal served and provide only the freshest and highest quality food to our customers.

Dae Gee has been featured on Food Network numerous times and our Founder is a fan favorite on Guy Fieri’s “Drivers, Dive-Ins, and Dives!"


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