Gameday Men’s Health Franchise Opportunities and Information

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Gameday Men's Health FranchiseGameday was created for one simple purpose: to help men suffering from low testosterone (Low T) and erectile dysfunction (ED) reclaim their life. Set in a man cave environment – plush with flat screen TVs, leather chairs, refreshments, and complimentary snacks, Gameday Men’s Health helps men get back to the top of their game. When men need to feel their best in life, be their best at home, and perform their best at work – it’s Gameday. At Gameday Men’s Health, we make comfort and convenience the cornerstone of your experience. By focusing all of our energy on delivering premium testosterone replacement, erectile dysfunction treatment, weight management, and vitamin therapy, we ensure your experience is comfortable, fast, and most importantly, delivers results. To be your best, you have to feel your best. And that’s what we do – help you feel your absolute best.

The Gameday 3 Step Signature Process

Step 1: Discover Your T-Levels

Are you testosterone-deficient? Find out with a free testosterone test at a Gameday clinic near you. Your results will be ready in 15 minutes.

Step 2: Create a Game Plan

Meet with one of our licensed providers and create a men’s wellness program based on your health needs and goals. All patients must qualify for treatment.

Step 3: Begin Treatment

Our nationwide clinics provide fast, weekly appointments and effective results. Many patients report noticing results after just 1 month of treatment, including improvements in energy levels, libido, and overall mood.


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