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Most people think they don't have time to fit in workouts that deliver results. At MaxStrength Fitness, our expertly guided workouts transform the lives of our clients in only 20 minutes, twice a week, without breaking a sweat so they can get back to their lives. Our goal is to help people become the strongest they can be in all areas of their life.
We provide 1-1 personal training that is efficient, effective, and safe by utilizing specialized equipment and a science backed protocol. The environment we create is different. No mirrors, no music, no trainer yelling at you. The studios at MaxStrength Fitness are quiet, cool, and calm. We keep a temperature-controlled environment that allows our clients to come in and train in their street clothes without needing to shower and change; they LOVE that.

We cater to a 45+ affluent demographic that is often underserved and highly loyal. This can be demonstrated by our high retention rate and client base, which ranges from busy CEOs to super moms and retired Baby Boomers who want the energy and vitality to chase their grandchildren and stay mobile. Our clients desire health and vitality but don't have time to waste spinning their wheels in a gym for hours a week. They want results fast, a world-class experience in a high-end, friendly environment. Long-time clients have been raving about our Wellness Coaching add-on that addresses weight loss, stress management, sleep, and so much more.


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