Rainbow International Restoration Franchise Opportunities and Information

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Rainbow International Restoration FranchiseOpportunity to truly impact and help home owners / business owners in time of need due to property damage. This is a high profit, highly demanded opportunity, that is repeat business due to being involved with insurance companies.

Why the Restoration industry?

  • High margin business model
  • High barrier to entry, thus fewer competition
  • Recession resistant industry

Why Rainbow International?

  • For more than 30 years, Rainbow International® has provided professional restoration services and expert house cleaning services and understands how critical it is to get people back in their homes and companies back in operation quickly.
  • Standards in Excellence

That's why Rainbow International uses only the best equipment, innovative technologies and a built-in accountability process to assure every job is done right. Setting the highest standards in water, fire, smoke and mold damage restoration, where customer anxieties can run high, requires a continuous focus and dedication to self-analysis and improvement. That's why Rainbow International restoration services specialists are graded and evaluated on response time, professionalism and customer satisfaction. We enthusiastically seek out, listen to and act upon the concerns of the people we serve. The feedback we receive from our customers is critical to our success.

Exceeding customer expectations is what sets us apart. We are committed to the four tenets of customer-service excellence:

  • Fast response
  • Quality results
  • Genuine concern
  • Clear communication
  • Once Rainbow International is on the job, customers can expect quality results and a superior customer experience. Rainbow International sets the benchmark in home restoration and commercial restoration.


Total Investment Low
Total Investment High
Liquid Required
Number of Units