Skedaddle Franchise Opportunities and Information

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Skedaddle Franchise InformationSkedaddle provides homeowners with a safe, professional and very humane solution to critter and wildlife control. While we don't care to share our homes with them most of us love wildlife and when they need to be removed would prefer to do it in a humane and friendly way. Skedaddle does not trap nor kill wildlife that finds their way in and around our homes yet removes them and relocates them to a safe and suitable environment. We use hands on pest and animal removal, ruinite babies with their mothers and even provide "baby boxes" to help ensure the young safe and warm until reunited.

In addition we assess, locate and seal entry points to ensure critters can no longer enter the home and even offer our clients a lifetime guarantee!

Not only is Skedaddle a high demand, need to have service but generates outstanding revenues with franchisees generating over $800,000 and super strong margins. Critters don't care about recessions so neither do we - our services are always in demand.


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